Wing•It Quick Swap Slip Sinkers & Bobbers provide a quick and easy way to change your bobber or sinker without losing any valuable fishing time.

Quickly change your sinker and get your line back in the water ready to land the big one!


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Wing•It Products / KMDA Inc.
PO Box 509
505 2nd Ave
Bovey, MN 55709

phone: 218-245-3040
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Wing•It Products

The bottom line - Quick Swap slip sinkers and bobbers - fishing tackle that works, plain and simple. It was common sense that having to tie knots and cut lines took away from fishing time, so inventor E.B. Christensen decided to do something about it and Wing•It Fishing was born.

Wing•It Products are sold nationwide in a variety of outlets including Scheels, Cabela's and a number of independent tackle shops.

Who is KDMA?

KDMA, Inc. owns and operates WingItFishing. Learn more at the KDMA website.

Wing It Fishing / KMDA Inc., PO Box 509, 505 2nd Ave - Bovey, MN 55709 (218) 245-3040

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