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Wing-It Bobbers allow you to add a slip bobber, change the bobber size, or fix the bobber position WITHOUT retying. Plus, Wing-It Bobbers have a wider side profile for visibility AND a narrower cross-section for less resistance to the fish. Instantly reverse the color from Hi-Vis Red to White and add a Night Light for fishing after dark. When done, simply remove the Bobber for easier transport – ALL without retying!

Super Cast Bobbers

  • Size Small

    • Center stem design
    • Premium brass grommet
    • Use in-line or with Easy Connect
    • Includes QuikSwap connector
    • Holds approximately 1/16 oz
    • Panfish, crappie, blue gill

    Size Medium

    • Holds approximately 1/4 oz
    • Walleye, panfish, crappie, blue gill

    Size Large

    • Holds approximately 1/2 oz
    • Walleye, bass, pike
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